Personal Photo Project (Family Photographer, Madison WI)

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin and with it, time spent playing outside with our dog and in the garden. I've decided to try to pull my camera out everyday and capture at least one photo. Childhood goes by so fast and I sometimes look at these two little people and realize how fast they are growing and changing, how they lose some cute little bit of babyhood each day. 


Today, my son spent a ton of time throwing sticks and frisbees for our dog and giving her treats. 











After unearthing the budding flowers, we dug all of the leaves away from the fairy house. It was exciting to put out some new pinwheels and bright things for the fairies. Or fairy squirrels as my son says, I have no idea where that came from. Some kind neighbor or neighbors have left tiny little things in our garden and on the fairy house over the last year, a chess piece, a tiny buddha, a tiny house, and a few fairies. The children are convinced that they are gifts from the fairy squirrels and love to go search the garden.


Happy spring everyone!


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