Springtime Photos (Family Photographer, Madison WI)

April 25, 2017  •  1 Comment

Last week, a friend posted some pictures of the blooming magnolias and cherry blossoms at Olbrich Gardens. I just love magnolias, they are so stunning. Since rain was forecasted for the rest of the week, we decided to get over there last minute and enjoy the flowers before the petals were all gone! We met a good friend with her littles for a playdate and romped around, occasionally needing a big umbrella. But, it was well worth it!

Sometimes after sessions, I just have to laugh at the amount of silly noises, peek-a-boo and games it takes to get the littles to laugh and enjoy themselves in front of the camera and give you those natural smiles. Sometimes, parents are super worried about how their toddler or little one might respond to the camera. I often hear parents say things like, "this little one is going to be a challenge!" Or "I hope she doesn't give us too much trouble!" So, I thought I'd post a few from time out with my own kiddos to ease some of your worries! All kiddos require some silliness and funny noises to get those lovely, natural smiles and really to help them relax and just be themselves. 

In the first photo, my daughter was sitting near a little picnic table, where there were two giant bears made out of plants, pretending to eat flower petals with them. It made for some sweet photos, but she was so engaged in her game, she stayed there for so long, absolutely refusing to go anywhere else! In the second, I was making silly faces that weren't working and finally resorted to potty humor, because what else makes a 3 and 6-year-old laugh harder? 






And then there are moments like this one. No matter how hard I tried, my 3-year-old would not open her eyes. She kept peeking to see if I was still shooting, and kept them closed tight! Her brother thought it was hilarious! Despite the perfect background, not even the promise of a chocolate chip and some well-timed potty humor from her brother could convince her. 









Just moments after the last photo, they decided to have an impromptu dance party on the bridge, which was adorable.







Once our friends arrived, we had some extra silly faces to help us get the shots we were hoping for! There's nothing like silly games to get everyone laughing.

The garden has a beautiful Thai Pavilion that encouraged yet another dance party. Complete with jumps, spins, twirls, and a bow at the end.



The kids had a super fun playdate and I managed to get some great photos of our little monkeys!



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These are truly amazing. Beautiful children and capturing those moments....such a gift you have!!!
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